Born 1966 in Germany, I have been interested in sustainable transport since my high school years.

Maybe my sustainable transport interest started in 1970?

In my mid-20s, I started tertiary study to become a traffic engineer and transport planner. Half-way through my undergraduate degree, my Kiwi girlfriend moved back to New Zealand. I followed her and finished my civil engineering bachelor’s degree at Canterbury in 1997.

my mum visited for my 1997 bachelor’s graduation

I worked at Christchurch City Council from 1998 to 2005, for a couple of years in a part-time capacity to undertake a master’s degree from Canterbury on public transport systems.  I have been self-employed since 2005 and my initial company, of which I have part-ownership, became ViaStrada in 2007. The company has a nationwide profile for sustainable transport. I am an innovator and a thought leader. I have commercial governance experience.

I’m blessed to work with some incredibly talented people

I’ve lived all over Christchurch since 1996, and in the central city since 2002, where I’ve always been on neighbourhood committees.  I share my life with my wife Julie and two fur babies. I love tramping and getting out into the hills on my mountain bike. I’m fascinated by NZ political history, and I’m one of four Kiwi administrators on Wikipedia. I received my New Zealand citizenship on 5 June 2019 and gave up my German citizenship in the process.

with my wife Julie at the citizenship ceremony (photo: Neil Macbeth)

The Christchurch Star published a detailed profile in June 2019.