Billboard sites

Election hoardings can go up on Saturday, 10 August. Supporters, mark the date in your diary, please, if you can help with putting billboards up. But first, we need to secure enough locations (mostly fences) where we can put billboards up. There are simple rules (not more than 3 sqm per site in billboards, top of billboard can’t be higher than 4 m) and of course one needs the owner’s permission.

What’s a good site? Lots of people going past (in the thousands per day), not hidden behind a row of parked cars. Really good is where the billboard can be seen when you are stopped at traffic lights. Are you available to go out and knock on people’s doors to ask for permission? Check they are the owners; it needs owner permission.  Let Axel know and he’ll send out cards that you can give people so they know what they would be saying yes to. Ideally, one would get an “exclusive arrangement”, that is only we are allowed to put a sign up and not anybody else.

Below is a map that can help identify great locations. It shows the four wards that make the Christchurch Central-Ōhoko constituency highlighted in the brownish colour (the thin red lines are the ward boundaries). The blue roads are the really busy ones. The orange and green roads are also busy. Any of those within the constituency could make good billboard locations.

Main roads (blue, orange, green) in the Christchurch Central-Ōhoko constituency