Election results

Breaking news. Lan has been re-elected. Axel has missed out.

Election results will be known later on Saturday (12 October). The initial results will be “progress”, those will later become “preliminary” and after a few days, we get “final” results. The speed with which those results will come out depending on the voting method (FPP is used by the city council and ECan and those come out quickest; Health Board uses STV and that takes longer to analyse). It’s also affected by whether results are close; then they’ll do more counting before they release anything. This is what you can expect.

City and region


  • progress: before 6 pm
  • preliminary: after 6 pm
  • final: after Thursday, 17 October

We’ll add link to the results pages once those are known. And we’ll let you know how Lan and Axel went.