Moving office?

Is your company moving office? Research shows that people are most open to changing their travel routines when they move to a new house or office. Your company should thus take up the offer of free travel planning for staff before the shift occurs.

Christchurch City Council provides a free City Travel Planning programme, with support from ECan (the regional council). Staff get offered personalised journey planning sessions and practical resources. Where are the safe bike routes for you? Is there convenient public transport?

If bus use is an option and individuals are interested, they get a free Metrocard (the payment card for our public transport) pre-loaded with $20 travel, a total value of $30. That’s awesome!

New designs for the Metrocard

With more and more bike routes being completed, active travel by bike becomes an enjoyable option for more and more people. Say goodbye to getting stuck in traffic; no more money handed over to Wilsons. And if your workplace is in the central city, drop your bike off for maintenance at Action Bicycle Club in Walker Street and get to work on one of their courtesy bikes (and companies that sign up will secure a 15% service discount for their staff). Brilliant.

Get in touch with city council staff to find out more, either by phone (03 941 5360), email ( or their web form.