Lan Pham – The Common Good – Independent

Greetings, my name is Lan Pham and my background is in freshwater ecology and environmental management as a Resource Management Commissioner.

I’m the Founder of Working Waters Trust, a charitable organisation dedicated to the protection and restoration of endangered native fish. My drive for being your Councillor is simple – to prioritise the ‘common good’ of both current and future generations, where the fundamentals of clean, safe drinking water, a stable climate, swimmable rivers and an ecologically resilient environment are placed above corporate greed and profit from pollution.

I have had both the privilege, and the pain, of representing Christchurch on ECan this last term as part of a council whose majority was firmly for maintaining the status quo. A new, fully democratically elected council offers the opportunity for transformational change, which was not possible under the previous council. I’m ready to lead this change, and I would love your support.