Stadium finance

Axel Wilke and Lan Pham welcome The People’s Choice stadium funding model. Their basic premise is that the proposed stadium will be of benefit to the wider Canterbury community and it should thus be funded by Canterbury people, and not just the Christchurch ratepayers. That’s of course not a new model but something that’s been used throughout Canterbury’s history. Canterbury Museum, for example, continues to be co-funded by Hurunui, Selwyn and Waimakariri districts. Adjacent councils helped pay to have our Town Hall built in the early 1970s. Why would we do this any different for a stadium that’s going to be used by the whole region?

It won’t be necessary to get all TPC candidates elected to ECan for this funding model to be promoted by the regional council. Axel & Lan as independents will certainly support this initiative as it makes good sense.

Axel Wilke and Lan Pham