Thank you

On Saturday night, we had a great campaign closure party to say thank you to all those people who helped out. A good 40 people turned up, it was a fabulous affair, and 13 of them got “knighted” for outstanding dedication for The Common Good.

campaign closure party impressions

And a note of thank you from Axel; he would also like to thank the wider public for their support. According to preliminary results, Lan and Axel got 8,253 and 5,167 votes, respectively! That’s sufficient for Lan to get re-elected but not enough for Axel to join her at the council table. He has thoroughly enjoyed the election campaign, meeting so many interesting people and making many new friendships. He hopes that those who did get elected across Canterbury will support Lan with the policies that we have developed for going forward, so that our children and grandchildren will have a safe and healthy future to look forward to.