The Honourable Nick Smith and Me

If you know Sam Mahon, you are aware that he’s an artist, a straight shooter, and he doesn’t take prisoners when it comes to our water. He’s one of the staunchest critics of ECan and anybody who pollutes our water. He built the stone cairn in the Square after the National government sacked the ECan council in 2010. That was the work of Nick Smith, the then-Environment Minister. The year prior, Mahon had sculpted Nick Smith’s head from cow dung. Smith famously responded:

Sam there is absolutely nothing that you could do that would hurt my feelings.

Nick Smith to Sam Mahon (2009)

In 2017, Sam produced another artwork of Nick Smith, at over twice life-sized with the pant-less politician squatting and pooping into a glass of water. This time, Smith’s feelings were hurt.

Mahon has just released a book: “The Honourable Nick Smith and Me”. It’s funny. It outlines how the take over of our water has happened over the years, why it’s now so polluted. It wasn’t an accident; it was entirely calculated. It’s a revealing and very readable book, available at Amazon as a Kindle eBook.

And if you are squirmish, skip the large photo on page 42, as it shows all of Smith’s private details:

The scary thing is, when I left art school, I figured I’d be painting Madonnas, and I end up sculpting his genitals… it’s not where I wanted to be at the age of 62.

Sam Mahon
Sam Mahon’s book, published in August 2019