The Press on nitrate cuts

Nitrates are covered in today’s edition of The Press, with Lan’s position stated that the proposed Plan Change 7 does not go far enough. It’s a complex issue explained in more detail in a previous post.

In case you are confused by The Press article, the following explanation may help:

  • Christchurch drinking water wells have nitrate levels of up to 0.6 mg/l.
  • Under Plan Change 7, those nitrate levels are allowed to rise to up to 3.8 mg/l.
  • The reason ECan regards this as an “improvement” is that without the measures proposed in Plan Change 7, the nitrate levels would reach even higher values.

As outlined in our previous post, a recent Danish study involving 2.7 million participants has shown that more than 2.1 mg/l gives rise to a significant increase in bowel cancer. Axel and Lan thus want to apply the precautionary principle and set much lower limits than those proposed in Plan Change 7.

Article published in The Press, 26 August, page 5

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  1. Well, having been a successful farmer in the past until greed from banks forced us out of our farm in the ‘80s with interest rates of 24.98%
    I have no sympathy for the farmers of today who are so greedy that the land they own is forced to have so much stock that can’t be over wintered on the same piece of land but must be divied out to lease on someone elses land. This greed is what has caused this problem inthe first place and if the land cannot sustain it they should get off the land. Period. No one else should suffer for their greed.

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