The Star profile

The Christchurch Star wanted to run an “Our people” profile of me. But 3 pages – isn’t that a bit over the top?

page 16 of the 6 June 2019 edition

I enjoyed chatting with Julia Evans, the Star‘s local government reporter. And I admit that I enjoyed reading her piece. One thing where she got a bit confused is with my PhD that I “never finished”. She must have assumed that doing a Master’s is the first part of a PhD. It’s not; it’s a stand-alone thing. I never started a PhD, hence there was nothing to finish (so to speak).

page 18 (photo: Neil Macbeth)

The first story on this page is a classic. That tramp was in 1998; I’ve dug out the photo for your enjoyment.

from left: Axel, Julie, Marina, and Shuna
page 21

The Vietnam story makes more sense when you know who the “four” are; Julie’s mum was with us, too. It was a fun holiday.