Tuesday Club talk

Transport emissions, climate change, and the Northern Arterial

Axel Wilke was the 9 July speaker at the Tuesday Club. The topic of his talk was Transport emissions, climate breakdown, and the Northern Arterial. He talked about what we in Christchurch must do to meet the emission reductions suggested by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). He explained how these things are related and what we need to do.

The talk, which is available on YouTube, was well received and followed by a lively Q&A session. The PowerPoint slides are also online. Former mayor Garry Moore, who convenes the Tuesday Club, summed it up with the following words:

The thing that I’ve always loved about working in public policy is the complexity of it, the fact that we’ve got a whole series of opinions in this room; we are all affected by it. And Axel, to me, has thought things through in a really measured and sensible way. There will always be debates about change. …
We need intelligent people leading us into the new places that we need to be. I’ve found it inspiring, Axel, and I really think everyone will join with me in saying thank you.

Garry Moore at 59:20 min

Mark Wilson, one of the principal campaigners in St Albans against the negative effects of the Northern Arterial, said the following:

On behalf of St Albans residents, I would like to say ‘thank you’. Really, he stepped up and has given us a huge amount of belief in … being able to move forward in a really terrible predicament. This is a guy that we need actually elected to ECan.

Mark Wilson at 57:33 min
Axel Wilke with Garry Moore
Axel on Cranford Street, soon to be the southern end of the Northern Arterial
(photo credit: Neil Macbeth)

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