We’d love your vote

A whole week of climate action plus voting papers are out and we’d love your vote!

Key voting dates:

Tuesday 8 October: Last day to return voting papers by post

(there is a free-post envelope with your voting forms)

Saturday 12 October: Voting closes at midday.


“We have been out and about in Christchurch and are loving all the conversations we are having with so many people across the city. There is a real buzz in the air about the return to a fully democratically elected council and for putting ‘the common good and our kids’ and grandkids’ futures first!”

Axel: “We are the only candidates who have both technical expertise in one of ECan’s areas of responsibility and also a proven track record in governance. Climate, water and public transport have been identified as key election issues. We’ve dedicated our lives to these areas and are totally committed to making real change happen at ECan.”