Why vote for us?

Lan and Axel are the only candidates who have both technical expertise in one of ECan’s areas of responsibility and also a proven track record in governance. Water and public transport have been identified as key election issues. Axel and Lan have dedicated their lives to these two areas. They walk the talk.

Axel is a transport engineer. ECan spends nearly half its budget on public transport, but it has never had a transport specialist around the council table. Axel is the only candidate in Canterbury who has transport expertise and can lead in this space. Axel is very highly regarded in the industry, sits on government panels, writes design guidelines for government and trains the industry. He has the connections and the expertise to unlock central government funding that Canterbury is missing out on (Wellington and Auckland get these funds) and he wants to offer leadership to vastly improve public transport. Axel is a director of his own successful consultancy business.

Lan has a background in freshwater ecology and environmental management as a Resource Management Commissioner. She is almost a lone voice at the regional council, trying to keep nitrates out of our drinking water; for this reason she is quoted in The Press regularly.

Axel Wilke and Lan Pham

Axel and Lan have support across the political spectrum. They are standing as independents because they believe that there is no place for party politics in local government; we have to all work together. As independents they are free to lobby central government effectively without being hampered by party hierarchy issues.

Lan and Axel are standing for the common good – as opposed to vested interests or personal profit. They want to create a Canterbury where water is safe to drink and swim in and we have a low emission environment with improved transport choices – including rail. They believe our children deserve a positive future.

You can choose two candidates for the Christchurch Central-Ōhoko ward for ECan. Vote for Axel and Lan.

Christchurch Central-Ōhoko constituency map

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